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All you need is metal, glass, stone, fabrics or leather.


Legs for Arteston sofas are mainly made from two materials: solid wood and steel, both in different designs. We offer beech and oak legs with varnished or dyed finish of different colours, and steel legs from either structural or ground stainless steel.

The surface of steel legs is finished with a type of powder coat called Komaxit. The advantage of powder coating is its exceptional sustainability, as it doesn’t harm environment or human health.

Powder coating allows us to achieve mechanically and chemically resistant surface finish with excellent edge protection with only a simple single-layer coating, all without the use of solvents or heavy metals.

Besides powder coating we also offer matte or glossy transparent lacquer that gives steel legs a natural metallic look. Of course, there is a wide selection of colours that makes it easy to harmonize the right combination of legs with the sofa cover.

“When designing sofas, we greatly benefit from the solid technical background and manufacturing know-how gained from long years of production for demanding Western European customers. Such knowledge allows us to fine-tune the comfort and design of our sofas."

Michal RiabicDesigner

Stone Gres

The beauty of the gres material lies in its uniqueness. Each pattern is different, with its own peculiarities and imperfections that make each creation truly original.

The stone is durable, sustainable and abrasion resistant, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Our range consists of gres in the colors of mystic ivory, mystic ocean & tipos sand

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The textile covers for Arteston seats are exclusively made from durable natural materials. When choosing our fabrics, we pay special attention to adhering to the most demanding standards so that they would maintain their appearance and finish for as long as possible.

Easy to clean

For our covers to be reliable and long-lasting, we make use of the EasyClean non-staining finish. This technology is based on the various water-resistant, oleophobic and hydrophobic materials. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth and it will be as good as new.


Our textile covers are health-friendly & exceptionally resistant to various elements. As a result, you can rest assured that your sofa will be not only safe and comfortable but will also last for a long time.

Although we seldom pay attention to it nowadays, sense of touch is as important as sound or vision. We naturally use it to perceive what is closest to us, especially where we feel at home. Sense of touch is therefore very important to us.

Michal RiabičDesigner

Immense selection of fabrics

We know that people prefer different things, therefore we offer a wide and varied selection of natural fabrics. At the same time, every material has its character – whether it’s the fine structure or patterns you won’t find elsewhere.


Whether it is leather or fabric, we take pride in using quality natural materials. As the sofa cover frequently comes into long-term contact with skin, it is especially important that it is comfortable, pleasant and health-friendly.

Michal RiabicDesigner


The scent of genuine leather is unmistakable, and its pleasant softness and natural texture make interiors feel comfy and warm. Leather turns every sofa into more luxurious furniture while combining comfort, elegance, and longstanding value.

In order to secure the highest quality standards of our leather covers, we only use materials from Mastrotto, our renowned supplier. Due to many years of experience in storing, cutting and sewing leather, we are able to achieve both pleasant and durable covers, and advise our customers on how to care of them.

Wide selection of leather

We know that people prefer different things, therefore we offer a wide and varied selection of natural fabrics of different shades, colours and patterns. Almost all the textiles we use are purely natural, and it shows. At the same time, every material has its own character – whether it’s the fine structure or patterns you won’t find elsewhere.

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