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Comfortable and solid design chairs
for your personal or professional life.

Ergonomic beauty

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it is suitable for both shorter and taller people, and is therefore especially fitting for use in areas where furniture cannot be individually customized.

Inconspicuous elegancy

The casual-looking armrests, low-profile legs and a selection of materials of Merino wool make form_it an original interior element that stands out.

Beautiful in every detail

Details matters. Have a look on your desired sofa from every angle.

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State of art design

This sofa is creation of the talented product designer Michal Riabič. Thanks to his experience from several areas, his solutions are not only functional but also aesthetically original. Michal won several awards, including the Czech Furniture of the Year or a nomination for a RED DOT design award.

Arteston sofas are created and manufactured in one place. Starting with design through fabrication of metal elements to upholstery, everything is taking place on the family company’s grounds

Only premium materials
create premium products

Arteston products are available in a variety of textile and leather designs with legs in various finishes. See how we could tailor every product to your preferences.

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