Krošlák is a family brand closely connected to our tradition. That is its corporate value, something we’ve built over 30 years and are quite proud of. Today, my son Samuel has decided to move the company one step further with the establishment of Arteston brand. It is to offer even local customers a combination of world-class quality and design, along with Slovak fondness for traditional craftsmanship.

František KrošlákFounder

Family company, world-class products

The company from Nitrianska Blatnica was founded in 1991 by František Krošlák. Due to conscientiousness, high customer demands and fair conditions for employees, it has since grown and developed into an established and accomplished business. Today, Arteston is a top tier furniture manufacturer with 230 employees and capable of producing of modern and reliable world-class sofas.

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We have all the prerequisites to bring effective and practical design to the living rooms of demanding customers across Europe. The combination of our know-how, principled approach to our employees and suppliers and cooperation with a first-class designer give Arteston a great starting position.

Samuel KrošlákExecutive director

Arteston products are created and manufactured in one place. Starting with design through fabrication of metal skeletons and components to upholstery, everything is taking place on the family company’s campus.

The journey starts with the designer, who sends his work to the prototyping workshop. This is where prototypes are created and exposed to a variety of tests, optimizations and bug fixes. Simultaneously, planning for design of the skeleton, functional elements and sewing patterns is underway, along with calculation of standards. The model goes into mass production when everything is done and ready.

When designing sofas, we greatly benefit from the solid technical background and manufacturing know-how gained from long years of production. Such knowledge allows us to fine-tune the comfort and design of our products. Cutting and Bending, pressing, grinding, welding and powder coating is all done in-house. Only total control over the production process could create premium products.


Artists that shape
the future of Arteston

An award winning designer Michal Riabič,
talented Dalibor Marek & others

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